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NetSSA is the first company to offer solutions and equipment for load balancing technologies and communications between branches and also a pioneer in enterprise wireless equipment in Iran which began its endeavor in information technology and communications back in July 1389.


For the past 10 years, our products and solutions were designed to satisfy two different aspects. First is the products and solutions to overcome customers everyday needs such as HPE servers, cisco switches and EMC/HPE storage technologies needed by big scale companies. Second aspect is the products and unique solutions devised by our expert research and development team in order to add new products and services and further, better the quality of our services. Load balancing solutions, security switches and cloud management, cellular load balancing routers and SSL visibility are an example of such services and solutions which we believe we are performing extraordinary in this area. Customers for the second aspect of our solutions, target those companies and organizations whose IT teams boldly and compassionately are trying to innovate, shrink companies’ expenses and increase the quality of services and NetSSA is constantly trying to bring the best pre-sale and post-sale experiences for them and also all the customers.

NetSSA Exclusive Products

Especial mobile routers for vehicles, Security switches for securing network layer2, SSL visibility appliance for enterprises, Enterprise access points are some of the exclusive products and solutions of our company.

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