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Introducing HPE Blade Servers

Blade Servers is one of Hewlett Packard’s servers which was introduced back in June 2005.

BladeSystem comprises a part of HPE Converged System which has used a converged design to include server, storage and network in one single chassis. HPE Converged System 700 is an enterprise system designed to support more than 1000 virtual machines within the Blade system structure. While managing a software defined data center, a system manager can manage a Blade System lifecycle by using HPE OneView for converged infrastructure.

Each Blade system enables the enterprise to support a maximum of 128 servers in just one rack. In November of 2019, HPE introduced 2 Blade system enclosures to businesses.

HPE BladeSystem C7000 Enclosure

BladeSystem C7000 Enclosures have different models. The first type was introduced in June 2006. In 2007, we saw an update in the first model which included a larger 3 inches OnBoard Administrator compared to the 2 inches. Next update in C7000 series in 2009 which could be considered as the second version managed to acquire the European union standard which was because of changes in Backplane speed (5TB/s compared to 4TB/s), 1Gb/s network management connectivity, more connectivity options including 2*10Gb/s ethernet support, Infiniband or QDR and 6Gb/s SAS.

The third version C7000 enclosure called C7000 Platinum was introduced in Feb 2013 and we saw new features such as Location Discovery, Thermal Discover Service and a whole new Backplane design. The new Backplane caused a 40% increase in bandwidth from 5 to 7 TB/s which enabled the use of high-speed modules (16Gb/s FC and 56Gb/s FDR Infiniband).  In addition, new power sources were introduced which offered performance optimization compared to gold plus series. All Enclosures occupy 10 units of rack and can host up to 16 half-height blades. This space includes 6 power supplies, 10 fan kits, 8 single wide or 4 double wide ethernet, FC or Infiniband network modules allowing the connection of 4 fabrics.

C7000 Blade Features

Each C7000 enclosure includes hot-plug power supply, ingress power module, HPE hot-plug Active cool fans and an additional Onboard administrator module.  After choosing the right enclosure you can add interconnect modules, HP Blades or expansion blades, integrity and management software such as OneView or Insight Control.

In a C7000 Blade server you can add up to 16 server blades or 8 compute modules, storage or workstation and redundant network connections. This includes midplane connection to the server blade and shared network and storage.

The power is supplied though pooled power backplane which includes redundant hot plug power supplies. It also supports 4 redundant interconnect I/O fabric simultaneously.

HPE BladeSystem C3000 Enclosure

HPE C3000 Enclosure was introduced to the market back in Aug 2007.we witnessed the updated version of C3000 Platinum Enclosure in Feb 2013. All Enclosure versions occupy 6 rack units or independent unit with up to 8 half-height blade servers. This space is enough for 6 power sources, 6 cooling fans,4 single wide or 2 double wide form factors.

Blade Servers

HPE offers general-purpose Proliant server Blades (using Intel Xeon and AMD Opteron processors) and also Integrity servers (based on Intel Itanium CPU) and customized Proliant Blades aimed at vitualized businesses. Blades can be produced both in half height or full height models and single or double wide form factors. In addition to benefiting from a 1 Gb/s ethernet networking, it supports Mezzanine cards for more options.

in generation 10 servers which is the last generation of HPE servers and were introduced in July 2017, HPE has offered Proliant BL460c which supports 2 2nd generation scalable Intel Xeon, 2TB DDR4 memory, faster PCIe and an advanced Mezzanine I/O.

Network Connectivity

On HPE Blade system, there are several connectivity options as following:

  • HPE Virtual connection modules
  • HPE Aruba network switches
  • Ethernet and fiber switches
  • Broadcom fiber channel switches and Pass-through modules
  • Mellanox Infiniband


Storage options available are:

  • Internal storage(2 to 4 Hot-swap)
  • USB, SD and Micro SD connecting slots
  • Ability to connect to SAN through SAS, FC and iSCSI and Mezzanine I/O card
  • Blade Storage(High number of internal HDD)
  • Tape Blade(half height unit hosting LTO Tape Drive and designed to connect to adjacent Blades)

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