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HPE Proliant DL560 Gen10 Server

The DL560 Gen10 server is a dense server with 4 CPU sockets to support powerful, scalable and reliable processors in just a 2 unit server. By supporting 2nd generation scalable Intel Xeon processors, this server has increased the processing performance by 61%, number of cores by 27%, fast memory capacity to up to 6TB, I/O performance by offering 8 PCIe slots, persistent memory up to 12TB and all this comes with intelligence and easy automatic management with HPE OneView and iLO5.

The Proliant DL560 G10 is best suited for mission critical workloads, virtualization, server farms and clustering, database and data-intensive applications that need to utilize 4 CPUs and high-performance capabilities.

Proliant DL560 Gen10 Rackmount Server Key Features:

This server supports 2nd generation Intel Xeon scalable processors, the gold 6100/6200 series and platinum 8100/8200 series. In the 2nd generation of these processors, we experience a 7% performance increase in each core and also memory speeds up to 2933 MT/s.

  • In both gold and platinum series of processors, turbo boosting and hyper-threading technologies are used.
  • By using Intel Optane DC, you can benefit flexibility from HPE persistent memory as dense or fast memory and the memory capacity per socket is increased up to 3.0TB.
  • New security features in iLO5, server configuration lock, iLO5 security dashboard and workload performance advisor has experienced a great improvement.
  • The HPE Infosight cloud-based analysis software has the ability to predict and prevent possible problems before they happen.
  • Supporting Segment-Optimized processors which has better flexibility and performance for especial workloads
  • This server supports up to 48 DIMM slots providing up to 6.0TB 2933MT/s smart memory. In addition to less data loss and downtime, DDR4 smart memory increases the performance and saves more energy.
  • It also supports up to 12TB HPE persistent or fast memory, increased the capacity, decreases the costs and compute capability has increase for memory intensive workloads.
  • Server tuning capabilities has improved performance. Workload performance advisor offers the best real time configuration based on resource analysis.
  • Supporting up to 24 SAS/SATA SFF and up to 12 NVMe in flexible drive cages.
  • Supporting up to 8 PCIe 3.0 in 3 risers for graphic cards, networking options and or performance accelerators.
  • Supporting up to 4 power sources with maximum of 96% efficiency providing power redundancy. The power slots are configurable to work as 2+2 or other various configurations.
  • The ability to choose from HPE FlexibleLOM adaptors enables businesses to choose from a wide range of fabric and networking bandwidth from 1GbE to 25GbE for more flexibility.
  • Supporting various management software such as OneView and Infosight for better data analysis and problem solving.
  • This server also comes with a handful of different software such as UEFI, Intelligent Provisioning, HPE iLO5 and HPE iLO amplifier pack.
  • Supporting a wide range of memory depending on the processor model. This server supports a maximum of 48 DIMM slots, 12 per processor socket consisting of 6 channels and 2 DIMMs per channel.
  • Supporting a wide range of smart array controllers (Software RAID, Essential RAID, Performance RAID) and networking cards (Entry Model, Base Model, Performance Model).

HPE Proliant DL560 Gen10 Server Technical Specification


This server offers up to 61% higher performance and 27% increase in number of cores in 4P 2U rackmount chassis and by supporting a wide range of Intel Xeon scalable processors both 1st and 2nd generations. It also supports processors which comprise of Intel Speed Select technology which brings configuration flexibility and granular control over CPU performance and VM density simultaneously and enables support level for all virtual machines in each host.

DL560 Gen10 Server Memory DIMMS

48 DIMM slots have enabled this server to support up to 6.0TB of 2933MT/s DDR4 smart memory and decreased the errors, downtime and data loss by improving workload performance and energy usage. Up to 12TB of persistent memory brings the server more speed and capacity and enables compute for more complicated workloads such as big data analysis.

You can use up to 6TB memory by populating all 48 slots with 128GB 2933MT/s LRDIMM modules, 1.5TB by populating 24 slots with 64GB modules or 3.0TB by populating 48 slots with 64GB 2666MT/s modules.

HPE persistent memory modules can also be used and by using 2nd generation Intel Xeon processors, the server can have up to 12TB by 24 slots of 512GB 2666MT/s modules.

DL560 Gen10 Storage

The Proliant DL560 Gen10 supports SFF SAS/SATA and NVMe and a wide range of HDD and SSD. This server supports 24 SFF drives. Should you choose to use NVMe SSDs, you can have up to 184TB by using 12 15.36TB NVMe SSDs.

DL560 Gen10 Network Cards

This server supports a wide range of network cards which in general come in 3 different categories as following and offer network communication speeds from 1Gb up to 100Gb:

Entry Model

HPE Ethernet 1 Gb 4-port FLR-T I350-T4V2 Adapter

Base Model

HPE FlexFabric 10 Gb 2-port FLR-SFP+ 57810S Adapter10GbE

HPE Ethernet 10 Gb 2-port FLR-T BCM57416 Adapter

Performance Model

HPE Ethernet 10/25 Gb 2-port FLR-SFP28 MCX4121A-ACFT Adapter

HPE Ethernet 10/25 Gb 2-port FLR-SFP28 BCM57414 Adapter

DL560 Gen10 Power Sources

The Proliant DL560 Gen10 supports up to 4 power source units both 800 and 1600 watts with 96% efficiency and enables higher power redundant configurations. The 800 watt power sources provide both 94% and 96% efficiency and 1600 watt power source provide only 94% efficiency.

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