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PaperCut introduces powerful software for reporting, controlling, and restricting printers’ usage in a network:

  • It enables you to trace, report, archive and distinguish every user’s contribution to print usage.
  • Connects all the organization printers without a need to driver installation which makes it suitable for laptops and tablets.
  • Defines policies for minimizing dissipation in organizational resources and maximizes the efficiency.
  • Controls and monitors print equipment’s and notifies about the errors through E-mail, and SMS.


Print Visibility

Who printed 3000 pages yesterday? With the benefit of PaperCut such questions won’t be left unanswered anymore. PaperCut central software with getting help of more than 80 reporting models beside the prints’ archive gives you complete mastery in control and management over the organization prints.





Print Policies

Did you know one-sided prints impose pressure on the organization resources? By defining policies and print rules, the unnecessary costs can be avoided which will result in a better usage pattern in employee’s behavior.
You can also easily make configurations for double sided prints whenever it’s needed.





Mobile and BYOD Printing

How to enable employees to send their print requests from any device? With taking advantage of the web print features in PaperCut software which is also compatible with Google Cloud print and E-mail to print, employees and visitors can send prints from their desired devices and BYOD enrolled devices.











Data and Documents Security

How to securely print your confidential documents within an organization? There is always a possibility that very sensitive and confidential documents of an organization get exposed to variety of personnel while printing. Find-me feature in PaperCut gives each user the ability to only print when she/he is standing in front of a printer using her/his own specific pin or RFID card.
This feature avoids confidential information disclosure in an organization. Moreover, Watermark and Digital Signature features add another layer of security which enables managers to recognize about the documents printed by each person.





Controlling the Cost

How can the cost of toners, papers, and general printer’s usage be minimized? With budget planning and consignment each user and department’s prints, the printer cost can be controlled and unnecessary prints can be prohibited. This feature would be operative in educational environments to create and recharge print accounts for students.





Environment Importance

How to reduce other destructive effects of using printers? With PaperCut you will be able to inform the personnel of all the detrimental printing effects on environment (number of trees have been cut to produce paper, amount of CO2 emission, and all the energy wasted) using just a widget installed on users’ devices while printing. As a result, they can think twice before sending out their prints.

Important product features

Easy few minute installation

Installation of PaperCut software on windows server will only take minutes. All the printers in organization will be detected automatically and ready to use. In addition, PaperCut does not need to install client version.

Supporting small, medium and large scale networks with up to 500,000 user

PaperCut offers especial solutions for any network infrastructure from small networks with 5 users to large scale networks with various sites and thousands of users and hundreds of printers.

Support for all the existing operating systems and platforms in the network

All the platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux and Novell are supported and network managers dealing with different platform will not have any concerns.

Integration with active directory and LDAP

In PaperCut management console, you can import users from active directory to database and configure the required settings.

40 days free trial license to test the software

PaperCut license is free for 5 user networks and for larger networks, a 40 day free trial license is provided to network administrators for testing. NetSSA's experts will always be there to install, demo and train.

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