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Bandwidth Aggregation with SpeedFusion

SpeedFusion technology which is patented by Peplink enables enterprises to use the aggregated bandwidth of up to 13 different WAN links such as ADSL, Wireless or even LTE for VPN connections between their branches.

Confidential documents, sensitive traffic of banking point of sale equipments (PoS), video and VoIP communications are all transferred with SpeedFusion technology with maximum security and in the least amount of time.

Creating a simple and cheap SpeedFusion connection is possible for any network connection.
SpeedFusion has 3 different technologies:
Hot Failover: which helps keep the VPN connection alive in case of losing any of the links.
WAN Smoothing: resolves the issues related to packet loss in VPN connections.
Bandwidth bonding: aggregates available bandwidth, increasing the total bandwidth of the VPN tunnel.

SpeedFusion operation demo in Peplink Load Balancers

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